Step Up to The Challenge!

Irish feeder international and two times World Pairs champion Phil Jackson demonstrates one of the most demanding but exciting methods of feeder fishing.

If I can’t get a bite when fishing in Ireland, I often put on a heavier hook length and bigger hook. The fish in Irish waters are the wildest you’ll ever find, and migrate through huge systems of rivers and loughs. They don’t know what a hook or line is, and after a lifetime of fishing for them I’ve learnt that they don’t care either. In fact, the reason for scaling up rather than down is because changing to a bigger, more visible bait will often catch the attention of a fish.

Today, you join me on a lough in County Monaghan, where I want to demonstrate some aggressive feeder fishing tactics that have won me many big events here in Ireland. I’m lucky enough to be a good friend and travelling partner of Cathal Hughes, and fishing positively with strong tackle on the feeder at long range is a tactic we’ve had a lot of success on in the World Pairs events we have won.

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